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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that results in enlargement of the breasts, often to give a more balanced and proportionate appearance. Breast augmentation is accomplished by utilizing saline or silicone-filled breast implants. A Federal study has shown that both saline and silicone-filled breast implants are safe and effective for use in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Breast augmentation surgery is done with a general anesthetic (asleep) and generally takes an hour to an hour and a half. Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure and can easily be accomplished in our office surgical facility. Dr. Durst takes great care in providing patients with the satisfaction that comes with a more balanced figure.


Mastopexy is the surgical lifting of the breast. This is usually accomplished due to laxity or ptosis (droopiness) of the breast, which can be developmental or related to previous childbearing. Several different degrees of laxity of the breasts can be present and for this reason, the mastopexy procedure is individualized for each patient. Sometimes implants can be utilized to assist with the shaping of the breast, but often the skin needs to be tightened in addition to the implant procedure. The incisions are chosen to be as minimal as possible, but the fundamental purpose is to achieve the exact breast shape that each patient desires. A mastopexy procedure lasts between one and a half hours and three hours and is an outpatient procedure done at our office surgical center.

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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is a procedure that is considerably more common than patients realize. Many women are bothered by extremely large breasts with symptoms of back pain, shoulder pain, rashes under the breasts, and just a heavy feeling to the breasts. Breast reduction is designed to reduce the volume of the breasts and lift the breasts to alleviate these symptoms. A breast reduction is often covered by insurance and is done at the hospital with a one night stay. Often a person having the breast reduction procedure can be back at work within two weeks, and the satisfaction with this procedure is extremely high.

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Breast Revision

Breast revision is a common procedure that can result from several different situations. Often as plastic surgeons, we are asked to see patients who have had previous implant surgery. The effects of time can sometimes cause changes in the appearance of implants. When implants have migrated from their ideal position, sometimes a graft of acellular dermal matrix (ADM) is used to re-establish the proper position of the implant.

Also, there are situations where scar tissue can develop around implants, called capsular contracture. Many times patients want to improve upon this, and they seek consultations from the plastic surgeon for revisional surgery.

There are other situations where breast surgery revision can be necessary. Patients who have had a breast lift and then have had significant weight changes may need a revision. It is very, very rare for a patient who has had a previous breast reduction to redevelop to a sufficient size to need reduction again, but this can be accomplished. Also, in many situations, breast reconstruction after cancer is a very complicated procedure that can require multiple small tweaks to improve it.

A specific plan for breast revision is dependent on each individual's presentation. Before surgery, Dr. Durst will analyze the patient, discuss with them what their goals are, and determine what could be improved with respect to their current situation. After careful consideration of these factors, a specific plan is outlined for how this can be best accomplished.

This individualized approach for the patient can involve changing implants, correcting pockets, removing scar tissue, tightening a breast lift, or reducing a breast again. In some situations, multiple small procedures including fat grafting for reconstruction patients may be performed.

As more and more patients have had breast surgery in the past, the number of breast revision patients is increasing. As a result of this increase, breast revision surgery is becoming a significant component of many plastic surgeons' practices.

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