Thigh and Lower Body Lift

body copy 6A lower body lift, also called a circumferential body lift, addresses several areas at once. The procedure typically involves removing excess skin and fat all the way around the lower abdomen, lower back, outer thighs, and buttocks region. Often liposuction will be utilized at the same time. A body lift can allow the tissue to be tightened and lifted back into a more normal position for a younger-looking shape. Patients who come to our plastic surgeon, Dr. David L. Durst, to discuss a lower body lift often have had significant weight loss, sometimes due to bariatric surgery.

When you come to your appointment to see Dr. Durst about a body lift, he will examine you as well as review your medical history. Patients who have had weight loss surgery should be at a stable weight for about 18 months before considering this procedure. The individualized approach that Dr. Durst will provide for you will emphasize your areas of concern, as well as areas that he thinks may need to be addressed to create harmony.

Thigh and Lower Body Lift Surgery

Surgery will be performed under general anesthesia in Dr. Durst’s office surgical facility. The abdominal component of the procedure is very much like a tummy tuck, where an incision will be made in the lower abdominal crease, liposuction then will be utilized to shape the area, abdominal muscles will be tightened, and excess skin will be removed. Posteriorly, that incision will continue all the way around to the middle of the back on each side. Once again, liposuction typically will be used and significant tightening of skin can be accomplished by removing extra skin, which results in the lifting of the lateral (side) thigh and the buttocks region. As with the abdominal incision, the posterior (back) incision will be placed low so that a swimsuit will most likely cover it. After the surgery, you will wear a compression garment similar to a custom girdle for several weeks. You can expect to experience swelling and soreness, but these symptoms can be treated with medication. This surgery usually requires an overnight stay in our facility, but you will be up and walking around in your house the next day. Because this is a fairly large procedure, most patients will take two to three weeks off from work. A walking program can be resumed at about three weeks, and full exercising generally can be resumed at six to eight weeks after surgery.

Patients who have a body lift procedure often see a huge difference in their body shape about four to six weeks following surgery. Photographs are taken at eight weeks following surgery and again at one year.

If you think a body lift may be helpful for you, please contact our office for an appointment.