facemodelsideAn otoplasty procedure is for reshaping the ears. When you think that your ears stick out too much or are too large, you may consider an otoplasty procedure. If you are interested in an otoplasty, please call our office to discuss it or schedule an appointment.

Otoplasty Procedure

An otoplasty is part of the facial rejuvenation procedures we offer and it can help you when you believe your ears are excessively prominent or protrude from the side of the scalp too far. These cosmetic concerns also are present in some children. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. David Durst, will frequently do an otoplasty procedure on a child at about age 6 to prevent childhood taunting. In that group of children, the procedure is often covered by insurance. Once you reach adulthood however, the insurance companies will not cover an otoplasty as it is categorized as being performed for cosmetic reasons.

Otoplasty Recovery

The otoplasty corrects cartilage problems with respect to the ear. In some situations the cartilage is unfolded such that the ears stick out too far, or in other cases the cartilage is just excessively large and needs to be reduced. An otoplasty procedure is an outpatient procedure. With children, it is done under general anesthesia at the hospital; with adults, it is done at the office, often with local anesthesia. The incisions are behind the ear so they are not visible even with a short hairstyle. A special dressing is worn for several days but you can be out and about three to four days after their surgery and back to work. There is a little swelling at first but generally not bad and you will look quite good within just a couple of weeks after the surgery. Full activities can be resumed at that time.

Our otoplasty before-and-after photo gallery has several pictures of otoplasty surgery results and if you would be interested in scheduling an appointment regarding an ear reshaping procedure please contact Dr. Durst now.