What Effects Can Pregnancy Have on My Breast Implants?

Breast Implants and PregnancyMany women wonder about the effects pregnancy may have on their breast implants. One thing to remember is that each woman’s body is unique; therefore, the effects of pregnancy on one person can be very different from what others experience. With that in mind, there are some general issues that patients who have had breast augmentation can expect to result from pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

Some further enlargement of the breasts is common during pregnancy, while certain levels of volume loss can also occur once breastfeeding has been ceased. Depending on the extent of these changes, there may be some significant skin laxity and “sagginess” that appear among the breasts after pregnancy. For those who wish to address issues of volume loss and breast ptosis (drooping), a breast lift and/or an additional breast augmentation procedure can be effective solutions, depending on your needs and goals. By contrast, some women who have had breast augmentation before a pregnancy actually find that the stretching of breast skin while pregnant helped their breasts look more natural, providing them with even more satisfying results. This is an example of how different the experience can be among patients, considering their unique physiological reactions.

Overall, the general stability and integrity of breast implants are typically unaffected by pregnancy. Dr. David L. Durst can talk more with you about what to expect and answer any questions you may have regarding breast augmentation and pregnancy, breastfeeding, or other concerns.

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