How Do Breasts Change with Age?

Woman smiling and clasping her arms around herself while hiking on a sunny dayWhile pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and prior breastfeeding are well-known for altering the shape of the breasts, contours usually change as a natural result of aging as well. Women who have never had children, or who maintained a stable weight throughout their lifetime, often still notice a visible loss of breast volume or increasingly droopy breast tissue. The ways in which the breasts age vary from person to person, but in general:

  • The breasts may begin to lose fullness and firmness, which is typically caused by differences in hormone production. This may lead to a flatter or more “deflated” breast shape.
  • Skin elasticity decreases due to lower estrogen levels, often causing stretched skin and breast sag.
  • Stretch marks may form and the space between the breasts often widens.
  • The nipples can become elongated and eventually point downward.

These changes can occur in different levels of severity for each patient, but any aesthetic concerns observed usually cannot be reversed with at-home remedies. For this reason, many women consider breast surgery in order to repair tissue changes causing the breasts to look aged and reclaim a more rejuvenated look. Breast lift surgery can be an extremely effective solution to restore a more youthful and projected breast shape, while implants placed during breast augmentation can also help improve your contours. Dr. Durst, our board-certified plastic surgeon, meets with each patient to discuss goals and develop a unique treatment plan tailored to her needs.

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