Can You Reduce Your Breast Size With Dieting and Exercise?

Despite claims made by exercise trends and product marketers, there is currently no “natural breast reduction” technique that can rival the results achieved by a surgical procedure. Some workout regimens purport to reduce the breasts by decreasing fat in the chest, but these exercises often only work to strengthen the pectoral muscles while doing nothing to minimize the symptoms of excessive breasts. In truth, overly large breasts are typically composed of a combination of both glandular tissue and adipose tissue (fat). This means that even if chest-targeted workouts or fat reduction treatments manage to shape fat in the breasts, these techniques cannot decrease the glandular breast tissue or stretched breast skin that often causes the development of large, pendulous breasts.

For patients who experience back and shoulder pain, rashes, chafing, and/or difficulty exercising due to an overly large breast size, breast reduction performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon can be an effective and immensely rewarding procedure to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. This procedure can address excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue to aesthetically reshape the breasts, resulting in a breast size that is more proportionate to your body frame. In addition, breast reduction has the ability to:

  • Encourage a more active lifestyle by minimizing the physical burdens of larger breasts
  • Make shopping for clothing and bras easier
  • Reduce and reposition the nipples
  • Provide patients with a moderate “lift” to their breasts

If you would like to improve the symptoms of large and heavy breasts, Dr. Durst can assess your candidacy for breast reduction to help you achieve a lighter, more manageable breast size. Contact our practice online or by calling (256) 881-4200 for more information about your treatment options.

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